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March, 2010
Dear friends, fans, and lovers of political satire:

Like many of you, I am concerned about protecting the "Sanctity of Marriage".  That's why I made this, my first official music video!
Hope it makes you laugh.  If it does, please send the link ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnT-Ef6U1A ) to your friends, post it on Facebook/MySpace, Twitter it or mention it in your blogs.  You can buy the song or the whole album Turn Up The Fun! Right here at Romanovskyandphillips.com, iTunes, or CDbaby.com

The Sanctity of Marriage

Last updated: January, 2008
Announcing the release of " Turn Up the Fun!"  Ron Romanovsky returns to his queer music roots and has much to say about gay marriage, gay parenting, military [un]consciousness, anti-depressants and other fun subjects in this rollicking and very musical disc.  Available right here at the R&P store.


December, 2006
Announcing the re-release of R&P's first 3 albums: 
I Thought You'd Be Taller
Trouble in Paradise and Emotional Rollercoaster
Available HERE at the R&P store.


October, 2006
Announcing the release of "Pittsburgh to Paris"!
Ron Romanovsky's new CD is a generous assortment of quirky,
original and upbeat musical gems showcasing his songwriting talents at their best.
Available HERE at the R&P store.


August 2006  "Announcing the release of "It's A Boy!"
Fresh Fruit Record's first new release in over 10 years is a "circus opera"
written by Ron Romanovsky in collaboration with Nurses for the Rights of the Child
Available NOW at the R&P store."


March, 2006
R&P back in print! Announcing the re-release of Let's Flaunt It! and Be Political Not Polite by OutMusic of Australia in association with Fresh Fruit Records. Available right here at the R&P store

27. February. 2006
Finally opened up the Romanovsky and Phillips store.
Added some more photographs to the gallery.

The Romanovsky & Phillips mailling list is now active, and can be joined here



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