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Welcome to the on-line home of Romanovsky & Phillips

Romanovsky & Phillips albums, as well as Ron's solo albums, are now available to purchase as CDs from the R&P Store. Selected titles and tracks are available at iTunes and CDbaby.

Romanovsky & Phillips began their career at San Francisco's Valencia Rose Cafe in 1982 as the musical break for Gay Comedy Open Mic Night before touring North America for almost two decades. While Paul has put music on hold for the time being, Ron sporadically continues to compose, perform and record, as well as produce and star in a number of original music videos viewable right here and on YouTube. His repertoire has expanded to include classic French music and accordion-based instrumentals in addition to the political satire and social commentary that R&P are known for.

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The latest video is for Ron's song Pittsburgh PA. See more videos.

What's New on RomanovskyandPhillips.com:

The Official R&P Lyrical Oracle Deck

A set of 46 oracle cards with inspirational quotes from the lyrics of Romanovsky & Phillips, as well as Ron Romanovsky's solo career. Many of the phrases are pretty typical of Oracle decks, but a few will be more familiar to folks in, or familiar with, gay male/queer cultures. Selected by long-time uberfan (and Official Merch Shopkeeper) Brian, and approved by Ron and Paul. Now available as Print On Demand from production Partner TheGameCrafter, let the wisdom of R&P's lyrics provide insight.


New Documentary

Stand Up Stand Out by David Pavlosky, is a 30 minute documentary that plunges into a little-known, but widely resonant, chapter of queer cultural history; the story of the Valencia Rose (1981-1986), believed to be the first and only gay-owned and -operated comedy club in the USA. Through the voices and humor of the Rose's performers, the film explores gay comedy as an outgrowth of the rich traditions of activism and performance in San Francisco, an empowering response to the conservative politics of the era, and a valiant quest for joy and laughter amidst the horrific onslaught of the AIDS crisis


New Film Features Paul

Queers in the Kingdom, a documentary by filmmaker Markie Hancock, exposes evangelical culture as the underlying force that legitimizes Bible-based homophobia and heterosexism.

As one of the LGBT survivors of Wheaton College (Billy Graham's alma mater) Paul shares his story of how this uber-conservative Christian College inadvertently fueled his activism, and eventually led him to form a gay and lesbian alumni group, which had a contingent in the 1993 GLBT March On Washington. Featuring an extensive interview with Paul as well as the music and archival footage of Romanovsky & Phillips, this film is a must-see for R&P fans.

Queers in the Kingdom is currently being screened at a number of national and international film festivals (watch your local listings!) and has already been nominated for a social justice award. The DVD is available for purchase directly from Hancock Productions. It may also be streamed via Vimeo On Demand or Amazon Prime.

Ron's Latest Releases:


The long-awaited follow up to Ron's first french CD, Je m'appelle Dadou, this disc best represents the eclectic cafe repertoire that has made him the go-to accordion guy in his adopted hometown of Santa Fe.

Half instrumental and half vocal, this disc celebrates the accordion in a variety of moods, from Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" to Nina Rota's "Theme from Amarcord" to the gypsy dance "Deux Guitars" plus the traditional french musette waltz "Reine de Musette." Also included are four original tracks, varying from circus music to tango.

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April In Paris

This richly textured and upbeat collection of classic french chansons and songs about France is the result of a decade of performances with francophile musician Charles Tichenor. Sung in both French and English, the collaboration recalls the duo sound of R&P, featuring lush vocal arrangements in a nostalgic cabaret setting with Charles on piano and Ron on guitar, accordion and ukulele.

Among the 15 tracks are songs by Cole Porter, George Moustaki, Charles Trenet and George Gershwin, plus one original Romanovsky tune, and the hilarious "Gay Paree" by Henri Mancini, featured in the film "Victor Victoria."

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1 Out of 10 Therapists contains the lyrics for 44 Romanovsky & Phillips and Ron Romanovsky songs. It was issued to celebrate 30 years of great gay folk music.

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