List of Albums and Songs by Romanovsky & Phillips

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Clicking on a song title will take you to its lyrics, where available. The list of album and song titles for Ron Romanovsky’s solo albums is below..

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I Thought You’d Be Taller 1984
Best Friends
(I Can Have) Attitude
Womb Envy
She Has A Thing (For Men Who Love Men)
The Prince Charming Tango
Cat and Mouse
Outfield Blues
Living In The Nuclear Age (Renaissance Song)
Paint By Numbers (Song For Frances)
Closet Case

Trouble In Paradise 1986
What Kind of Self-Respecting Faggot Am I?
Guilt Trip
Lost Emotions
To Myself
Must’ve Been Drunk
Trouble In Paradise
The Answering Machine Song
He Wasn’t Talking To Me
Don’t Use Your Penis (For A Brain)
Carnival People

Emotional Rollercoaster 1988
Straightening Up The House
Emotional Rollercoaster
I’ve Created A Monster
Give Me A Homosexual
Living With AIDS
My Mother’s Clothes
The Woman Next Door
Waltz For The New Age
Family of Lovers
The Sodomy Song
Be On The Safe Side

Be Political, Not Polite 1991
I Met A Man
When Heterosexism Strikes
One Of The Enemy
Oh No… I’m In Love
When I Look Into Your Eyes
Red Moon Over Boston
Once Upon A Time
Love Is All It Takes
Be Political, Not Polite
Journal Entry
Queers In The Closet
Tango Indigesto
Closing Chapter
No False Hope

Brave Boys
(The Best & More of Romanovsky & Phillips)
Brave Boys
Don’t Use Your Penis (For A Brain)
Outfield Blues
Oh No… I’m In Love (With My Therapist)
Womb Envy
Living With AIDS
Island Song
Lost Emotions
I Like To Polka
Straightening Up The House
To Myself
If There’s A God (He’s A Queen)
Waltz For The New Age
Homophobes In Robes
Guilt Trip
The Prince Charming Tango
Love Is All It Takes (To Make A Family)
What Kind of Self-Respecting Faggot / Politically Correct Lesbian Am I
Homophobia (1994 Rap Mix)

Let’s Flaunt It
(live in concert) 1995
* Denotes tracks that are comedy and dialogue, not songs.
Some of My Best Friends Are Straight
Politics and Fashion*
Homophobes in Robes
The Homosexual Agenda and ‘Special’ Rights*
If There’s A God (He’s A Queen)
One Way Out
Missy And Heidi
Functional Illiteracy*
The Last Ones To Know
Burning Angels
The Only Woman I Ever…*
Don’t Sleep With Your Ex
Mom’s Speech Impediment*
He Is My L-O-V-E-R
Prozac In The Water *
Island Song
Wanted: For Sodomy*
Let’s Flaunt It!
Two Person Strong

List of Ron Romanovsky’s Solo Albums

Current information on streaming, downloading and buying CDs (as available) is in the Music Store.

Hopeful Romantic 1992
The Telephone Company Loves Me
When I Hear A Love Song
I Like To Polka
Baby, Take Advantage of Me
The Perfect Crime
A Measure of Sadness
Battle Scars
Guilt Song
One For You, One For Me
A Song In My Heart
These Things

Je m’appelle Dadou 2002
* Denotes instrumentals
L’Air Des Rues (I)*
La Romance De Paris
The Hashish Hop*
La Pluie Dans Le Dèsert
Paolo’s Theme*
Tango Ronaldo*
La Chanson De Prèvert 
Cathedrale Noir*
Le Bateau De Tahiti
Fellini’s Caravan*
Une Chanson Douce
Le Gitan Francais*
Morning In Provence*
L’Air Des Rues (II)*

Its A Boy 2006
Circus Theme
The Natural way
Praying For A Girl
Birth Theme
Perfectly You
Cleaner Wiener
Locker Room Blues
Take It Like A Man
Can’t Get Over It
Cycles Of Greed, Fear And Ignorance
If Only
How Could A Knife
Just A Nurse
What If
Knife Juggler Theme

Pittsburgh to Paris 2006
Burro Alley Tango
Gypsy Hop
When Saying Goodbye
Americain en France
Sinking Ship
Birth Theme
Le Jardin de Bernadette
The Gay in Paree
Fellini’s Caravan
Honey in the Morning
Boys in the Rain
Pittsburgh, PA
Restless Croatian Dreams
We’ll Begin Again
Chanson pour Amélie

Turn Up The Fun! 2008
Stuff is Falling
The Day the Homos Disappear
Socks and Underwear
Fighting for Peace
She’s Not Unhappy
The Sanctity of Marriage
Raccoons in the Volvo
The Alternative Parenting Song
Turn Up the Fun!
Five Holes
Women of Fire
The Donkey and the Elephant
The Anti-Depressant Polka
When the Sky is Grey

April in Paris 2008
Bonjour Paris!
Champs Elysees
L’ame des Poetes
C’est Magnifique / Ca C’est L’amour / Allez-Vous En
La Mer
C’est Si Bon
Moulin Rouge
Gay Paree
Sous Les Ponts de Paris / La Seine
Can Can
April in Paris
Un Americain en France
Chanson d’Amour/J’ai Deux Amours

L’accordeoniste 2009
Theme d’Amarcord
Theme du Cirque
Burro Alley Tango
Reine de Musette
La Vie en Rose
Can Can
Mon Amant de St. Jean
Hungarian Dance #4
Un Americain en France
Padam Padam / Vesoul
La Mer
Tango Ronaldo
Vive la Rose
Deux Guitares